NSS Art Salons

The NSS Art Salons are competitive events that feature various artistic media that represent different aspects of cave art, information and communication. Following are the individual salons and salon organizer and a link to more information for each.

Cave Ballads (Rolland Vineyard balladsalon@caves.org)

For those who are musically inclined the NSS Art Salons has a Cave Ballad Salon. Cave ballads can be  completely original music and lyrics; they can contain new lyrics written for an existing song.  A traditional song can be performed using karoake technology.  Entries that don’t fit any of the preceding descriptions are still eligible for the salon. More information on the NSS Cave Ballads Salon including judging criteria and entry forms can be found at https://caves.org/committee/salons/ballads/Cave%20Ballad.shtml

Cartographic Salon (Pat Kambesis cartsalon@caves.org)

Both art and a tool, cave maps combine useful and accurateinformation with the artistry of presentation.  Cave cartographers of all experience levels are encouraged to entermaps either for judging or just for display. For more information about the cartographic salon including judging criteria visit https://caves.org/committee/salons/Cartographic.shtml

Fine Arts Salon (Carolina Shrewsbury fasalon@caves.org)

The Fine Arts Salon is the official venue for exhibiting speleologically inspired artwork. Artwork can be in any medium, from painting and sketching to digitally altered photography, computer graphics, pottery and sculpture, textiles, and mixed media. The subject must involve cavers, cave life, karst and caves, focusing on the central interest of speleology. For more information about the Fine Arts Salon visit https://caves.org/committee/salons/finearts/Fine%20Arts.shtml

Graphic Arts Salon (Blake N Jördan gasalon@caves.org)

The purpose of the Graphic Arts Salon is to exhibit and encourage excellence in the design and images on the covers of cave publications. For more information on the Graphic Arts Salon visit https://caves.org/committee/salons/Graphic_Arts.shtml

Multimedia Salon (Dave Socky videosalon@caves.org)

Exhibition of multiple image computer programs less than twelve minutes in length, which can include music, narration, animations, or video. However, video clips may not occupy more than a third of the length. Presentations may be submitted on CD or DVD. For more information on the Multimedia Salon visit https://caves.org/committee/salons/MultiMedia.shtml

Photo Salon (Nikki Fox nikkicfox@yahoo.com)

The Photographic Salon celebrates the ethereal beauty of projected images of caves and caving. Cave-related images will be projected, during the Thursday night Salon Awards Program, with a background of instrumental music written for the occasion. All images must be of caves, cave-related subjects, or cave-related humor. For more information on the Photo Salon visit https://caves.org/committee/salons/Slide.shtml

Print Salon (Cady Soukup printsalon@caves.org)

Photographic prints offer a unique viewing experience of caves, their landscapes and related features. Print categories include geology, biology, human dimensions, and altered images. For more information visit https://caves.org/committee/salons/Print.shtml

Symbolic Emblem Salon (Dave Decker emblemsalon@caves.org)

The Symbolic Emblems Salon is a judged exhibition of symbolic emblems (logos, patches, pins, coins, etc.) related to caves or caving. All symbolic emblem designs must be representative of a caving-related or karst-related organization (such as a caving club, grotto, section, or conservancy) or of a caving-related or karst-related event (such as a caving club event, grotto event, section gathering, meeting, conference, or convention), or have a caving theme. For more information visit https://caves.org/committee/salons/Symbolic_Emblems.shtml

T-Shirt Salon (Blake N Jördan tshirtsalon@caves.org)

The T-shirt Salon is a judged exhibition of T-shirt designs related to caves or caving. All T-shirt designs must be representative of a caving-related or karst-related organization (such as a caving club, grotto, section, or conservancy) or of a caving-related or karst-related event (such as a caving club event, a grotto event, a section gathering, a meeting, a conference, or convention), or have a caving theme. For more information visit https://caves.org/committee/salons/T-Shirt.shtml

Video Salon (Dave Socky videosalon@caves.org)

The Video Salon is a competition among producers of moving-image depictions related to caves, cavers, caving, and cave conservation/ restoration. Time permitting, all entries will be shown at the NSS Convention. This competition is open to anyone, amateur or professional, regardless of affiliation with caving organizations or attendance at the NSS Convention. For more information visit https://caves.org/committee/salons/Video.shtml